Resources for Cornish research

History and culture

Tyskennow Kernow – Screen Cornwall. Contemporary and archive films about Cornwall, Kernewek and Cornish identity:

Timeline of Cornish History on Wikipedia. What can we do to improve this content?

Cornish Studies Resources by Bernard Deacon:

Kresen Kernow Collections Guides: 

Kresen Kernow Cornish language and culture guide: 

Cornwall Forever – Kernow Bys Vyken. Cornish history sources.

Cornish Memory (Photographic, film and audio collections):

Kernewek/Cornish language resources:

Online Cornish dictionary:

History of Cornish National Minority status

The UK Government’s statement, April 2014:

Cornish National Minority information by Cornwall Council:

Resources for collections research

The National Archives catalogue:

British Newspaper Archive [subscription required. 30-day free trial]:

National Trust collections (including Cornwall):

ArtUK. Paintings in public collections (including Cornwall):

Culture Grid. UK collections across museums, libraries and history groups:

Europeana. Collections from Europe-wide collections that can be cross-searched:

Sketchfab. 3D digital models of objects:

Sources of collections expertise:

Subject Specialist Networks (SSNs). Funded by Arts Council England:

Social History Curators’ Group firstBASE:

DATS: Dress and Textile Specialists:

Society for Museum Archaeology:

The Photographic Collections Network:

Natural Sciences Collections Association:

Collections Trust. All things about managing and recording collections: